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Naši na cestách 12

“Ours” on the road #12

It’s sunny outside and even in this weather the truck needs some well-deserved care after a long journey. Every truck operator knows how important it is to keep their vehicle clean in terms of maintaining its condition and long-term operation,…

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Zpětná vazba je důležitá i pro Bosped


We are always happy for feedback and positive feedback is always very gratifying 👍. Thank you and we will continue to try to do everything in the highest quality… Bosped team #bosped #joloda #feedback      

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EURO 7 - nová norma

Euro 7

On Wednesday 13 March 2024, the European Parliament approved the new Euro 7 emissions standard, and the emission limits in the final version of the regulation are less stringent for cars and trucks than previous proposals. A longer timeframe for…

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Zabezpečení nákladu

Securing the cargo

When transporting, the cargo must be secured appropriately against movement, whether the paper rolls are transported in a single row, in multiple rows filling the load space or stacked flat. Our drivers are assisted in this by common securing features…

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Naši řidiči na cestách

“Ours” on the road #11

We transport goods all over Europe with a long history (since 1996 we were among the first to use semi-trailers with the joloda system for transport), so we assume that you have already had the opportunity to meet us on…

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Fotky z cest

“Ours” on the road #10

Dear friends, today we do not tag the place where the photo was taken 🙂 Only those of you who have a linkedin profile can follow us there – Tým Bosped #bosped #joloda    

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Kamiony Bosped během kalamity na cestě

“Ours” on the road #09

Due to the snow calamity, some roads are impassable these days and snow drifts and ice are creating extreme conditions even where it is still possible to drive. For professional drivers on the road, this is obviously a major complication,…

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“Ours” on the road #08

Welcome to 2024… Many of you are already looking out for the next competition on our Facebook page, but that can wait – we just want to let you know that we’re getting back behind the wheel and heading out….

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PF 2024

We wish our employees, drivers, business partners and friends not only on the road a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year 2024. The Bosped team   #bosped #joloda #pf2024      

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Naši dopravci na cestách

“Ours” on the road #07

Christmas time is here and with it comes not only joy and comfort, but also moments of meeting and sharing experiences. We know that our drivers are on the road every day, taking care of deliveries, and that is why…

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