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The JOLODA system is designed to make the loading and unloading of the trailer as easy as possible, thus speeding up the process, and to significantly contribute to securing it during transport.

It consists of four longitudinally embedded steel rails that allow the transfer of palletised goods, paper and other roles or other transported material to and from the vehicle to and from the ramp using the corresponding roller/cart. During transport, the cargo is attached to these rails using locking wedges.

It enables connection to systems at the place of loading/unloading and thus easy transfer of the cargo between the vehicle and the place of storage. In the case of automated systems, it therefore allows complete replacement of the use of forklifts, thereby contributing to the reduction of emissions burdening the environment.

Vozíky joloda pro urychlení manipulace
Kolejnice systému joloda


Not only senders and end recipients appreciate mainly the following properties of the JOLODA system:

  • speeds up loading/unloading
  • increases the safety of cargo
  • reduces handling by forklift
  • reduces carbon emissions
  • system suitable for transporting rolls
  • ideal for transport in the paper industry
  • possible connection to automated systems in warehouses
  • allows for increased loading capacity