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What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small data files, thanks to which the browser of a website visitor remembers his actions or settings so that it is not necessary to repeat the action or settings in a specified period of time.

The data file allows the website to record information about your visit (eg. the page from which the visitor came, the web pages viewed, the type of browser, preferred language, date + time of visit, etc.).

Cookies expire either when the visitor leaves the site’s browser or after a set time, which leads to an easier and more productive next visit. Cookies are used to improve and develop the services offered and to improve and make the use of the website more pleasant.

Types of cookies

The following types of cookies are commonly used:

  • required – necessary cookies that help the visitor to navigate the website and use some functions,
  • functional – they ensure a more pleasant customer experience, such as storing a possible shopping cart, creating a wish list and more,
  • analytical – helps you better understand the behavior of our visitors and allows you to check whether visitors are getting errors on some sites.
  • interactive – they are used to express an opinion, they allow you to express on social networks that you like a certain page or product.

When you want to disable the use of cookies

Standard browsers automatically accept cookies, but allow the management of cookies, so the site visitor can ensure that the browser blocks cookies, deletes or prevents their storage without explicit consent or only allows individual pages. At the same time, most browsers provide the ability to browse the web in incognito mode. You can find the necessary information about cookie settings in your browser’s help.

Protection of personal data

We use cookies in accordance with the Terms of Personal Data Processing, with the proviso that, according to the information thus obtained, the person of the website visitor is not identifiable even when using other information that we have at our disposal.